Laravel Localization with Locale

Laravel localization for developers

Locale is specifically thought for Laravel localization. Focus on Laravel development and forget about the annoying back-and-forth interactions.

Focus on what matters, development.

Locale is designed to reduce the time you spend in tasks different from development.

From the setup process to the final translations sync, everything is hassle-free and made to improve the localization experience with Laravel projects.

At the same time, you will have access to a powerful built-in set of tools like automatic translating (using Google or DeepL API). With a mere click of a button, you will have your keys translated to any language.

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Localization for Laravel made easy

From quality of life improvements to advanced features that will make your Laravel localization experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Features like a centralized project dashboard will help you reduce the time you spend managing projects, translation files and exchanging emails with your team or translator.

No need to search for particular translations in your project files. Just update your repository translations with a single command.

Locale is thought to reduce the friction and many interactions involved in manually translating a Laravel project.

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Locale translation dashboard

Why use Locale for better Laravel localization

We have talked with our customers to discover how Locale improves their localization process.

Faster Flow
Less Interactions
Monthly Savings

Locale Is For Any Role

Suitable for any role in your company

When implementing a better localization solution like Locale, everyone working on the project gets a better experience and tons of value.

For Translators

Stop working with outdated sheets. A convenient panel and built-in automatic translations to speed up your work.

For Managers

Take advantage of the team management features and have your projects progress under control from the dashboard.

For Marketers

Either for applying translations or adding new keys to a design, Locale has useful features for designers.


Ridiculously easy to set up and integrate with my projects. I think I'm never going back to manual localization again!

David Tardà, Marklog
David Tardà

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Creating a Locale account is free while in beta and grants you a special grandfathered plan when the product is launched.

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