The Laravel localization tool

Locale is the first localization platform specifically built for Laravel.

Straightforward installation and a dead-simple interface. Your team and translators will be able to enjoy a next-level localization workflow built for productivity.

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Improved workflow

Forget the old-fashioned email exchanges between teams and translators that always slow down project development.

By using an intuitive invite system and powerful permissions manager you will be able to smoothly work with any internal or external team.

How it works

A Laravel package syncs your project translations with your Locale data.

Manage translations with our admin panel and smoothly synchronize the files with your project using our simple package commands. You will fall in love with the ease of use and all the powerful automation this workflow enables.
php artisan locale:setup 326 keys imported php artisan locale:sync You are about to upload 15 keys. Do you want to proceed? y Successfully synced 74 keys modified Manage your localized keys on

Deliver faster results

Manage translations with an intuitive, dead-simple editor, allowing your team to work in a smoother way rather than editing irritating source files.

No more editing multiple Git repositories or folders. You will have all your projects translations in one place, reachable with a single click.

You will fall in love with the workflow not only for the ease of use but also because of the considerable time and money savings.

Enhanced communication

Forget the annoying back and forth email exchanges. Easily assign work, give access and get notified when the team, freelancer or translation company finishes the job.

Focus on what's important. We will generate detailed logs of what happened with the assignment to review later if you or your team need it.

Your work, your content

Effortlessly import existing files or previous work from other platforms. On the other hand, you will always have your files ready to be exported.

Although we are pretty confident you will love the platform we have for you, all files and translations will always be yours, and you are free to migrate them anywhere.

Features that fit every organization

Enhance your workflow with features suitable for both, small and huge teams.

Multiple Workflows

You can either translate with keys or use JSON files. We support both translation workflows.

Editor Modes

Edit all translation languages at once or focus on one language at a time with the single view.


If you need more granular control, you can easily create and assign translation jobs to other teams.

Log Everything

Know at any point in time what's happening with your translations by seeing a history of edits.

We Have Your Back

Don't worry, if something goes wrong, you can recover any backup of your translations.

Your Content

No questions asked. Migrate the translations to another service if you feel like we are not a good fit.

Roles & Permissions

Thanks to our robust permission system, Locale is suitable for any organization structure.


Hassle-free synchronization with your application to have the translations ready at any time.

Try the beta for free.

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