Localization for business growth

Localization for business growth

Today, digital technologies have made it as easy as possible for customers to find goods or services on the international market that would fully satisfy their needs. Accordingly, customers are looking for the service or product they are interested in online.

Suppose the information on your company website is presented in only one language. In that case, your business loses a huge share of the opportunities to provide service or sell goods to customers from other countries. At the same time, you give your competitors an extensive list of advantages, which, in turn, will allow them to increase their presence in the international market in the future.

Let's get to the heart of the matter. If you are planning to sell not only on the local market but strive to enter the international market, web localization cannot be called just an addition. At present, this is already a necessity. Locale offers one of the best and easy-to-use web localization options: the Laravel Localization Tool. This can help grow your business to unimaginable levels because you will be able to reach the international market. 

Web localization offers multiple benefits to your business. We will look at this in detail. 

A Few Facts about the Language Picture of Sales

It is worth noting that now clients abroad tend to seek information not in English but in their native language. For one reason or another, sites that cannot provide the necessary information have a low session duration and, as a result, low attendance in the future. Analyzing the data of various studies, we can conclude the following:

  • The time when English was the dominant language of search on the global Internet is beginning to fade away. If we analyze the datasets of SERPs, we find that approximately only 24% of the SERPs are in English, while the remaining 76% of queries are in other languages.
  • China and India are starting to take over the Internet. As of January 2022, China had over 1.02 billion internet users, while India had approximately 850 million. Let's pay attention to the fact that none of the users in this group use English when searching as the main language.
  • Global shopping is more focused on selling worldwide through apps. Approximately half of the online shoppers use a smartphone and apps to shop. In addition, they prefer to read the information there in their native language rather than in English. A similar outcome is expected in the service sector in the foreseeable future.

Trends like these are direct proof that if your business speaks different languages, your customer base will surely grow.

Localization for Business Growth

Web localization plays a pivotal role in the growth of your business. 

Localization is a powerful tool for establishing contact with customers

So why is a well-executed website localization so important? For start-ups, it can become both an obstacle and help for further development.

Let's take an example: imagine that your company advertises its product in Britain, Ireland, Australia, and USA. Despite the differences in English language versions for these countries, a well-tuned advertising campaign should generally bring a positive result. 

However, suppose we try to launch a similar campaign in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and France. In that case, you will no longer achieve the desired conversion since users from these countries prefer to search for information in their native language. In this regard, to ensure high conversion, both the advertising campaign and the information on the site must be in the appropriate language for these countries.

At this point, we think it is mandatory for us to share another article we wrote on growth and the importance of localization for your business.

Advantages of Localization from a Technical Point of View

  • Increasing the level of confidence on the part of potential customers. If the site can "speak" with the client in his language, he is already more attractive than competitors.

  • Increasing the level of interaction with your business. High-quality localization eliminates the risk of misinterpreting your resource information by the target audience.

  • Growth of audience coverage. As a rule, sites on which content is presented in several languages have a sizeable semantic core. Thus, the audience coverage will be noticeably wider due to the large number of search queries leading to the resource.

It is worth adding that to implement high-quality localization of your company; you need to find a contractor who will not make a mechanical word-for-word translation of the content but will recreate it using another language, taking into account the thinking and cultural aspects of the target audience. The laravel localization tool can give your business a competitive edge and help you grow. 

How to Choose the Right Web Localization Experts

Relying on localization experts or tools is vital for quality translations tailored to the needs and culture of your target audience in a specific country. Consider the following when hiring a localization expert.

The delivery time

The delivery time is an essential factor for both the client and the agency. Choose an available service provider who can deliver your translation promptly. Do not hesitate to notify your service provider in advance if you have an urgent need. He can then organize himself and offer you a delivery time that you can refuse or not.

The speed of a translation should not compromise the quality of a project. It is therefore essential to leave reasonable leeway to your web localization agency. The priority is to obtain high-quality service.


Web localization must be done by professionals specialized in your sector of activity. This is, for example, the case of law or medicine. To obtain a reliable and high-quality service, entrust your project to a specialized agency with real expertise in your business.

The Cost

The cost of web localization is essential, but perhaps not in the way you imagined. Indeed, all work deserves pay. To request a quote from a service provider, be as specific as possible about your project. Then communicate the number of words, the budget, and deadline constraints related to your project. When you receive a quote that is too attractive, beware! Remember that you are looking for a real professional. The best affordable alternative would be getting the laravel localization tool (i18n) which is super effective and easy to use.

Meta Description

Web localization can go a long way in ensuring your business grows and you reach the international market. The laravel web localization tool is one of the best options for your business.